Lead Pastor Harry and Dawn Pishcura


In 2 Corinthians 5:17, The Living Bible Translation says,”… those who become Christians become new persons. They are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone. A new life has begun!”

In 1973, I experienced the reality of this Bible verse!

My life has never been the same. The old ways have fallen to the side and I am now living an exciting life in Jesus Christ, where everyday is an adventure. I still have my share of trials and tests, but I now know that there is purpose in every one of them.

pastor harry and dawn pishcura

Let me share some things about my family.

I was born in Cleveland and raised in Mentor, Ohio. After getting out of the Marine Corps in Hawaii in 1974, I met my wife, Dawn who was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. We pastored on the Big Island and also on Oahu for a total of 13 years before moving to Ohio in 1992. We started pastoring at New Life in Geneva, Ohio in July of 1993.

We have had a full house with ten children living with us at one time. Since then some have gotten married and some have moved out and some are still home with us.

Our children’s ages range from mid 30’s down to teenagers. As you can imagine, there has been hardly a dull moment around our house. We are not a perfect family, but a loving, growing family. Eight of our children were born in Hawaii and the last two were born in Ohio. We have seven daughters and three sons.

I believe that family is at the heart of the Kingdom of God.

At New Life Assembly of God, here in Geneva, Ohio, we are growing as a family of believers. Our vision is to be a family life center.

A place where we can help each individual whether married, single, divorced or in a blended family (divorced and married again spouses with step children), grow in their understanding of what healthy family relationships involve.

We want to example what it means to be family members in the kingdom of God. Like I said earlier, we are not a perfect family, but we are endeavoring to be a loving, growing family of believers at New Life.

We also believe that we are a part of an even bigger family of believers that make up the church in Northeastern Ohio. We desire to compliment the Body of Christ and to be a blessing to the other parts (churches) of the Body. We enjoy the fellowship of pastors and churches in our city and the surrounding counties.

I invite you to fellowship with us.

However, my biggest desire is that you know where Jesus Christ wants you to be connected. There are many good Bible believing churches around us. Look for one that lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ and has the Bible as its authority. Also as you search allow the peace of Christ to help you decide which part of the Body of Christ you should be in. If I can help please contact me.

God bless you and have a good day in Jesus!

Pastor Harry Pishcura