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It is important to us that our guests feel welcome here. We want to help people who are new to us to learn who we are as a church. If you are going to choose a place to fellowship as a Christian, it can be helpful to learn about a church in ways that go beyond just visiting them during their services.

We would love for you to visit us in our Connections Cafe following our second service on Sundays. One or more of our pastors usually try to be in there and this is a good opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us.

Also, three or four times per year we offer a class called Plugged In. We recommend that anyone who is trying to decide if this is the church for them should attend this class. It is four weeks long, one night per week, and helps you understand who we are as a church. Where we have been and where we are going, and how you might fit into what God is doing here.

People who are interested in volunteering and being involved in the ministry of our church are also asked to attend Plugged In, because it helps people understand our heart in ministry and what we are trying to accomplish. Once Plugged In has been completed, a person is able to begin volunteering as a helper in the different ministries at New Life.

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